Frequently Asked Questions


Studios A & B each have their own control room with an attached isolated recording room.

Studio C, our third and most versatile space, is a stand alone recording room!

The length of a typical session differs based on your requirement, but from our experience these our the usual averages:

Vocals: 2-4 hours

Drums: 6-10 hours

Other Instruments: 1-4 hours

Post production: 8-12 hours

Rehearsals: 4-8 hours

Both controls rooms have the API Box II Recording Console.

Check out our gear page for a full list!

We have three live rooms!

Studio A – Can comfortably fit a full sized drum kit and is a great room for close micing drums. Our most common use of this room is for vocals and solo instrument over dubs.

Studio B – Smaller live room than Studio A, great for solo instruments. Can comfortably fit 4-5 vocalists in together for a small choir. Our most common use of this room is for post-production foley, voice overs, vocals and solo acoustic guitar.

Studios C – The largest of our live rooms, and completely standalone. Comfortably fit a full five piece band in to record live together. Great room for drums. Our most common use of this room is for full band recordings and group rehearsals, the largest of which was an 18 piece ensemble.

We have two senior engineers, each of who have over a decade of experience!

We also have several freelance engineers on our roster that we work with if our senior engineers aren’t free.

Yes, we do allow freelance engineers to work at our studio, but due to the high end nature of our studio equipment, we do not allow freelance assistants, inexperienced and junior engineers to conduct sessions.

Please inform us beforehand if you will be bringing your own engineer.

The Studio C live room is our most versatile space. Apart from the usual band recordings and rehearsals, the room is perfect for:

  • Livestreams
  • Video and photo shoots
  • Small workshops
  • Private classes
  • Client presentations
  • Auditions & casting
  • Composers looking to setup a base for long term projects such as background scores.

Studios A & B have their own headphone amps and televisions to enable ADR and post sync.

The Studio C live room comes fully equipped with a JBL PA System, PreSonus mixer, Mapex drumkit, and Marshal, Fender and Hartke amps.

No, we do not accept credit cards at this point, but we do accept Google Pay.

Cancellation charges are applicable in full for both studio and engineer for confirmed bookings.


  • All rooms are sanitised and cleaned before and after every session. 
  • Temperature check for everyone before entering.
  • No mask, no entry.