Studio Services

What we do

Bay Owl Studios is your one stop shop for anything audio!


Our Bay Owl Jam Room is one of the largest rehearsal rooms in the city, that too at a truly affordable price. We have comfortably accomodated ensembles of 20-25 artists.

Powered by some of the best gear, our rehearsal space can cater to any rehearsal requirement that you may have!



Three studios, three different sized live rooms!

Whatever your recording requirement, we can accomodate. Whether full bands or just vocals, ensembles or solo instruments, ADR for film or podcasts and audiobooks, we can record it all.

Powered by two API consoles, along with some great microphones and outboard gear, get crystal clear recorded representations of your live performance!

Audio Post for Music

  • Vocal Tuning
  • Vocal/instrument time correction
  • Noise cleanup
  • Instrument resampling
  • Mix
  • Master

Audio Post for Film / OTT / Podcasts / Audiobooks

  • Foley, ambience & creative sound design
  • Shoot dialogue detailed cleanup
  • Audio editing
  • ADR post sync
  • Film Mix & Master

Music Production

  • Original music for your project!
  • Commercial Jingles
  • Song production
  • Background score
  • Brand audio signature
Music Production

Session Artist Coordination

  • Voice overs
  • Guitarists
  • Drummers
  • Bassist
  • Regional voice artists
  • Any other instrument or artist requirement

Shoots & Livestreams

  • Livestreams
  • Band Photo Shoots
  • Music Videos
  • Session BTS
  • Green Screen Auditions
Shoots & Livestreams

Workshops & Classes

  • Voice Over Workshops
  • Drum Classes
  • Guitar Classes
  • Request a specific instrument class
  •  Conduct your own workshop