Studio A

Studio A

  • API Box II Recording Console
  • Adam S5H Monitors
  • Manley VoxBox Channelstrip
  • Tube-Tech MEC 1A Channelstrip

Studio A is designed for precise and detailed recordings, specialising in tight close mic’d drums, solo and duet instruments, and vocals. The control room comfortably accommodates up to 15 people, making it perfect for collaborative sessions, with the Adam S5H monitors providing a pristine representation of your recorded source. Additionally, the room is also an excellent space for high-quality podcasts and interviews, ensuring a professional and intimate recording environment.

Gear & Software

Other Rooms

Studio B

Starting at Rs.1,950/hr

Studio C - The Live Room

Starting at Rs.1,450/hr

Studio D - The Forest

Starting at Rs.1,250/hr

Studio E - The Nest

Starting at Rs.650/hr


Chill Space

Keep occupied between Sessions