Studio C – The Live Room

Studio C - The Live Room

  • Rehearsals, livestreams, video shoots, workshops, or whatever else your requirement, our live room has you covered! More spacious than most rehearsal rooms you’ll see, with some great gear available!
  • Practice with your bandmates, record your whole band live, or live stream a session. This multipurpose room has everything your band will need for any session
  • For client presentations or small workshops, look no further, this room comes with fixed seating for atleast 30 people!
  • This room can also be used by content creators for Podcasts, Twitch, YouTube, etc.
  • As an artist you could even host an intimate set for your close friends and family, or have a pre-lauch listening session!

Gear & Software

Other Rooms

Studio A

Gorgeous API Box Recording console

Studio B

The cozier of the two mix rooms


Chill Space

Keep occupied between Sessions